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SMS Backup & Restore App | Text Backup: In our previous article Prisma for Android Phone you learn lot of things to remember and in this article you will appreciate us. Today everyone has problem related to text backup, sms backup and restore. Most of the users are now on the Android. When your phone start getting hang or getting too much data stored then your first main focus thing is to do format the phone or hard reset. By doing formatting or hard reset your phone you forget to do sms backup and you almost lost all sms backup data and there is no other any method to recover sms backup. So, the important question is how you make sms backup and restore by through app for android, windows and iOS. A simple but effective app to backup your devices SMS messages, useful if you need to perform a hard reset. SD memory cards are storage devices specifically designed to be used in mobile phones. You can export text and messages to this card and in turns insert it to your new phone. There are many app available in the google store but many of are not working properly. We are going to tell you the best sms backup and restore easily. Don’t let your fear of breaking something occult your ability to backup your texts messages. It always completes the action and gives you a message that restore successful. This application is a very simple application and lets see on how you can use it. Restore feature in SMS Backup and Restore to restore the messages. You can give the path where do you want to restore text backup. Get all text backup from your phone and store them into the database.

sms backup and restore app

Let me tell you about the sms bacup and restore is an app which is develop for all three devices Android, Windows and iOS that keeps your SMS or Message safe or permits you to get back them up in a simple way. There is no hard process to backup and restore sms it’s very simple method sms backup and restore. Restore all messages from choosen backup. Copied messages will be skipped. Restore button permits you to view messages and rename backups. Backup your imperative android SMS onto PC occasionally, and you won’t stress over any unexpected SMS misfortune such as unwanted format phone.

Download and install SMS Backup & Restore© instructions:

  • Open “Google Play” on your device.
  • Type “sms backup” in the search box and enter.
  • Click “SMS Backup & Restore ” app look sky blue in color.
  • Click on “Download” and then on the “Accept & download” button.
  • Wait until the app gets installed.

SMS Backup & Restore Instructions:

  1. Launch the SMS Backup & Restore app.
  2. Click on “Text Backup” button, if you are asked for confirmation click on the “OK” button.
  3. When the backup finishes, click on the “Close” button.

SMS Backup & Restore Backup Instructions:

  • Launch the SMS Backup & Restore app.
  • Click on the “Restore” button text backup select a backup file to restore, the last one is selected by default, the click on the “OK” button.
  • Confirm the restore by clicking on the “Yes” button.
  • Wait until the restore process finishes and click on the “Close” button.

sms backup and restore app sms backup and restore app sms backup and restore app sms backup and restore app sms backup and restore app

Video – How to Backup and Restore SMS any Android Phone

You can also download the Best Android Apps application that allows you to always have the best apps on your phone. Regardless of you are a learner or a propelled user, you will discover no inconvenience in utilizing Backup-trans Android SMS Backup and restore to backup or restore your android SMS. You can make certain your SMS are constantly protected. This application does it what it’s said to be as it goes down the sms as well as this application can restore each sms messages. Thus, in the proper way of this article we will see on how you can move down and additionally restore all your instant messages in only one record which is in the xml document position.

Hope you all understand the method to download the text backup app. Please don’t forget to share the article.

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