Photo Locker App for Android, Windows and iOS Free Download

Photo Locker Locks your personal and private photos on your smartphone with Encryption services. The hidden pictures only be viewed through this Photo Locker App access with PIN. Lot of images you don’t want to share among with your friends so this Photo Locker App helps you to safe from your naughty friends. The app allows to hide pictures securely and conveniently in Photo Locker. Photo locker app free download is available in Google Play Store it is free of cost. For the Inconvenience Photo Locker app is not available for the Windows and iOS Phone this time but after few weeks it will be available for their too.¬†

Here you find lot of interesting app for your private photos to hide from someone and we are going to describe or revealed you that you can hide your photos from others. Photo Locker is the app which hides your photos from your gallery and no one can see without your permission. Its totally hidden from the mobile and work properly. If you have many private selfie with your girlfriend and you don’t want other to see by your mobile phone just install the app and enjoy its privacy. Without your hard permission no one can search your photos from your mobile gallery. Download Photo Locker App latest version from our site.

Photo Locker App for Android, Windows and iOS Free Download

Photo Locker App features

  • Encryption – The first and main feature of this app Hides Photos are not just moved to a mystery area on your smartphone but on the other hand are scrambled utilizing progressed 128 bit AES encryption. This implies regardless of the fact that somebody figure out how to take your SD card and duplicate the shrouded picture documents, they will at present be not able perspective the bolted photographs.
  • Rotate Hidden pictures left and right.
  • Slideshow – Slideshow seeing mode accessible with adaptable deferral setting.
  • Removed from late application list – Photo Locker Application won’t show up in ‘late applications’ rundown.
  • Lock on rest – On the off chance that you neglected to leave the Photograph Locker, the application will lockout when your telephone goes to rest mode.
  • Tablet enhanced – Photo Locker’s UI has been planned on account of tablets too in order to give a definitive review delight on both Android advanced mobile phones and tablets.
  • PIN recuperation – With the discretionary PIN recuperation highlight, you won’t lose your valuable documents regardless of the possibility that you overlooked your PIN code. The application will email the PIN to you in the occasion you overlooked Photo Locker’s PIN code.
  • Un-shroud pictures effortlessly – Un-stow away photographs simply as concealing them and you can choose where the un-concealed photographs go.
  • User friendly app – Effectively cover up photographs by means of default display or from inside Photo Locker itself.
  • Fast mass cover up – Keep safe several photographs rapidly.
  • Folder level locking – lock individual shrouded photograph collections. This permits you to indicate just 1 shrouded photo collection without uncovering the others.
  • Zoom all through shrouded photographs with multi-touch. Shrouded photos keep up their unique determination and are not downsized as in some other photo hide¬†applications.

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How to hide your photos on your Android Smartphone

photo Locker download

Today I’ll be showing you how to hide your private photos in your android smartphone. Once you’ve hidden them, no one else will be able to find it until you personally bring it back. This apps bring you lot of experience and safe from all your dirty friends. No one can see your photos without your permission. Keep watching this video how to hide.

  • First, go to the play stre app on your phone and search for the app “Photo Locker
  • Download Photo Locker app by Handy App and click install
  • Once it’s installed, you can activate it from the play store, or tap the icon on your phone’s home screen
  • Creat a 4 to 8 igit secret PIN as you want and confirm that secret PIN again and remember this PIN and don’t tell it to anyone else
  • Now you all are done
  • The first way, is to hide your photos from Photo Gallery using the Share function. First go to your gallery, and select the photos you want to hide.
  • Next, tap on the share button and look for the “Photo Locker” icon. Now tap on that. Select the folder you wish to hide the photos in. It’s done.

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