How To Make Bootable Pendrive USB For Installing Windows on PC/Laptop

Window Installation is very easy by help of creating bootable usb. Window is the paltform where you can perform various task enormous no of things. If you wish to use the different types of window that depend on GUI and CUI. Various window like ubuntu, Linux, Window 7, 8, 10, XP. If want to use it differently then you have to install it in you system. The installation of the Window can be done by different type.

  1. By creating bootable usb.
  2. BY CD-ROM
  3. BY External Hard drive

As you want to format you system and install the new window in your system. Select the way you want to install the window in your System. By the way the most easy step to install the window in your system by creating bootable usb and CD ROM both are the different way as in creating bootable usb you must have USB above 4GB and If you are performing by CD ROM must remember that the CD ROM should be RW ( RE Writable ) and above 4GB.

Make Bootable Pendrive

Why the bootable pendrive is usefull..??

bootable usb is very usefull as you can easily carry to any place and any time as you want you can install the windows in you system, laptop. Bootable usb is very necessary to install the window quick and full other then CD. As CD provide the slow access of the files and loading of the window files are very slow that why the CD ROM is the slow way rather then Bootable usb. Create a bootable usb too use it after creating the bootable usb copy the genuine window files to bootable usb to use it easily.

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How To Open CMD :

Click the start menu button then there search box will appear in the search box write CMD and hit enter. The DOS window will open known to be CMD (Command Promt). Every step that create a bootable usb will be get performed in the CMD. As CMD is the direct access of the system directory and commanding is the valuable for any external a well internal memory and any task.

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  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator rights.
  2. In Command Prompt write “DISKPART”.
  3. Now type “List DISK”.
  4. Now select the disk which is your USB. It may be (Disk 1, disk 2, or Disk 3) so choose carefully. Here mine its Disk 3. Format should be right this( select disk 3).
  5. Now write “CLEAN” and hit “ENTER”.
  8. Type “ACTIVE”.
  9. Type “FORMAT FS=NTFS Quick”.
  10. Type “ASSIGN”.
  11. Type “EXIT”.

Bootable Pendrive

Hope you all guys understand the above procedure to make bootable pendrive. This is the simplest steps to make bootable pendrive easily and it don’t harm any crash pendrive issues. While making bootable pendrive remember one thing don’t eject your removable disk from your PC until it done. While creating USB Bootable issue come then comment below we’ll insist you.

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