Download Latest Hike Messenger For PC/Desktop On Windows 10,8,7,XP & Mac

Download Latest Hike Messenger For PC : Hey guyz we have back here with our new idea and the concept of hiking app or you can say best hiking app. Not only whatsapp for Pc is available other app such as telegram for pc and the our new the Hike for PC is also available. The main meaning of the hike is to walk the long or something that you are doing you can do it for the long time. The main concept of the hiking app it that if you are communicating of to your friends and family then your communication can be for long time. The hike app is for you better communication with your family friend and many other. Hike for pc is also available for your personal computer window 7, 8, Mac. The hiking app is easy to install in your Pc. There our few easy steps by that you will be able to install the the hiking app in your Pc Window 7, 8 and Mac. Hike application brings out more better conversation then the whatsapp as some thing in the hiking app is modifiable that make the hiking app more power full and attractive then the hike mobile used and the whatsapp for Pc. The Best hiking app is available in our website and we provide you the better hiking app then you use in mobile or we can say that hike mobile. Not only your smartphone can use the hike mobile but your PC can also have the feature of installing the hike rather then your hike mobile. As there are very interesting feature in the hike mobile but the hike app for pc is also not lower then the hike mobile.

Download Latest Hike Messenger For PC On Windows 10,8,7, XP & Mac

Download hike for pc with our few easy steps. Before you download hike for Pc you should be aware of the the feature of the Hike application. Hike application has very new feature as from the previous hike application. So i will request you to download the latest version of the hike for Pc. We are just unable to understand that from were we start exploring the feature about the hike for pc. So after the deep breath we decided to expand the feature of hiking app from top to bottom.

1. The best part of the hike for PC is that it is much faster then any other application of communication.

2. The Hike provide you the large no of Storage of Chats that you have done with your friend family and many other.

3. As the top of the bar available in hike application there are 5 content like ( chat…and various option).

4. The meaning of the (hi) is the HIDDEN MODE. The specialty of the hike is that it provide the hidden mode in your app for the private chat. In the HIDDEN MODE you can set the password on that chat which you want to make private from other.

5. There is a SEARCH button on the top of the bar of hiking app which means that if you have done the many chats and you are having trouble in finding out the important one then you can search with the name of chat.

6. TIMELINE means that appearing page of your profile that you have to set by photo and status update.

7. The attractive thing in the Hike application is that you can change the WALLPAPER according to your chat and mood. The hiking app provide the many wallpaper so that you can use it according to your need and that you want to use.

8. Another Best Part of the Hike for PC and Hike mobile is that it provide Number of STICKERS that you cannot express in word the feeling that you cannot express in words. Many large number of stickers are available at the down side of chabar name with STORE. You can download the number of stickers from there. Several languages STICKERS are also available.

9. There are many languages that are provide by hike.

10. OFFLINE CHAT is also available in hiking app which is the key feature from the other messaging application.


Before starting the process you have to Download Bluestacks

download hike


There are few easy steps that will help you out in downloading the hike for PC

Step 1 : Download the latest version of the bluestacks in your PC.

Step 2 : After the completion of the download then run the downloaded application. Application will be install in few seconds.

Step 3 : As you are in the home page of BLUE STACKS so in the search bar search for the HIKE application.


Step 4 : Now select the hike application provided in the search result.


Step 5 : Now download the hike application and let it install in your BLUE STACKS storage.


Step 6 : After the completion of the application OPEN and REGISTER it with the desired mobile number that u want to use.


Step 7 : Check out all feature that we have provided to you are they in real or not for our faith.

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If you have facing any problem of downloading hike messenger via bluestacks then you can directly download the app from the below link and install.

download hike

With all due respect we are thankful to you for reading this. Our team has put all their effort for the better of your understanding. We provide the most easy and fast steps for your desire problem our steps and the message will be always SHORT and MEANINGFUL will always be easy to understand. For any other language if you are looking for then we will pleased to it. We are very thankful for your precious time that your have given to us. If any kind of the TROUBLE appears in the future in installation of the HIKE FOR PC then you can Email us, Text us or comment below we will surely look after it to resolve all your problem.

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