Dj Liker App Download for Android, PC and Windows phone

What is Dj liker Are you ever heard about it? Yeah I am going to tell you about the Dj Liker app. Are you depressed from the minimum like of the Facebook post. So no longer worry about that here the application we brought for the maximum likes on the Facebook post. Dj Liker is the application that provide the maximum no of likes to your Facebook post. Dj liker application provide the auto like to your post as much you want the basic auto like gets start with the 20 and reach up to the 100 at one time. Its on up to you that how much auto like at a time you want to give to your post. Free Facebook like are provided by the dj liker application with no blocking of your Facebook id.

As some of the auto like make the Facebook id block or for the promo of here application they make the post on your Facebook that you never want to do. Dj liker prove the 100 auto like at a time with no cost. just you have to install the dj liker application on your smartphone and the login to your Facebook id as the gate way come you have to enter the code that are provided to you on captcha that code you have to enter and submit it. Dj Liker Download app is not available on google play you have to download it from offline.

Dj Liker App Download for Android, PC and Windows phone

DJ Liker

Feature of DJ liker :-

Free Facebook like are provided by DJ liker application with 100 of likes at a time to your single post and its on you that how much you want to give further at the time thew 100 can be given to the single post at the rest of time you can further give the more like to he same post. Dj Liker Download now increase their like from 100 to 120 at a one time.

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If we talk about the Dj Liker Download process is very simple but in the PC you have to manage your account to enhance the likes by itself. Further more, this app is run by 15 minutes difference after 1st process. You to wait for 15 minutes another like process after done the first like. Dj liker download is very quite reason to use for good purpose, you can’t tell its fake. You can increase your comment profile and status too.


1. Easy to use.
2. Reliable software that doesn’t lock your Facebook id.
3. Gives 100 like at the time.
4. By using auto comment you can give comment to your post

Dj liker also provide the facilities of auto comment. In the free like you can give the like but instead of the auto like the dj liker also provide the auto comment from which you can give the auto comment to your post. Dj Liker Download for free here to enjoy the likes. In the comment liking, heart, love symbol or many other sticker are available to your comment on post.

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